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A Chef’s Kitchen offers both daytime and evening cooking classes.

During the day, various chefs and experts share their knowledge and secrets in demonstration style classes rich in variety and scope.  They cover such topics as bread making, knife skills, meat cutting, advanced pastry, kitchen design and wine tastings to name a few.  These classes are a fun and interesting way to learn about food and culinary techniques.

The nightly cooking classes are truly classes, but with a delicious twist as you eat every dish you're taught to prepare.  The evening begins with hors d’oeuvres and graduates through at least four courses paired with “great find” wines and other appropriate beverages.  The room is designed as an intimate culinary classroom with a total of twenty five seats arranged in three rows, stadium-style, facing Executive Chef John Gonzales’ cooking island. 

From his vantage point at the island, John demonstrates every facet of preparing each course.  During this process, the informational material runs the gamut from knife skills and classic technique to food history, how to save something you thought was ruined and fascinating tricks of the culinary trade.  The menu and curriculum changes weekly and always emphasizes a theme based around food history, technique and fresh, seasonal ingredients.

At A Chef's Kitchen our goal is to inspire people to COOK! so we offer professional quality equipment and ingredients that we feel are essential to the fully functional kitchen.  Some of the foods we stock are otherwise available only to the restaurant industry ~ colossal crabmeat, de-boned quail and giant prawns, for example.  Our wines have all received great reviews and are priced to encourage people to pair wines with their meals.  Most range from $8 to $11 a bottle and are featured with our evening menus.

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A Chef's Kitchen
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